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Kalibiome probiotics are a high-performance, non-live bacteria, scientifically shown to help improve the extracellular matrix, reduce roughness, and increase hydration.

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Kalibiome probiotics - Antipodes New Zealand

Kalibiome probiotics

A new innovation in probiotic skincare, Kalibiome probiotics are skin-loving ‘good bacteria’. This non-live probiotic is made from a small amount of cultured bacteria, put through a double fermentation process to remove any bad bacteria and toxins. The resulting compound is active and stable for use in skincare.

Scientific testing* of Kalibiome AGE probiotic shown to help reduce the signs of photoageing in skin, improve skin elasticity, and support collagen and hyaluronic production. Scientific testing* of Kalibiome Sensitive probiotic shows it helps reduce redness and water loss, and increases hydration.

*kalibiome probiotics/postbiotics 600: clinically shown to revitalise extracellular matrix.