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Combination skin is one of the most common skin types, so you'd think it would be super easy to care for – right? With an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, it can be hard to build a regime that doesn’t dry you out or leave you a greasy mess. Throw fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots into the mix, and we’re throwing our hands in the air trying to figure it all out.


So how do you look after this complex skin type while protecting your skin from the signs of aging? Read on for your perfect anti-aging skincare routine for combination skin.


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What does combination skin with fine lines need?

Combination skin often starts the day dry and ends up oilier by the afternoon, while dry patches can be prone to showing fine lines early. Balancing products with collagen-boosting properties help support the aging process. Use nourishing, oil-based products in tandem with hydrating superstars to look after your skin from top to chin.


What skincare ingredients are best for combination skin and fine lines?

What skincare ingredients are best for combination skin and fine lines?

Avocado oil

Your anti-aging best friend. You’ll find in the best anti aging cream for combination skin and plenty of other products. This nourishing plant oil contains sterolin, a natural steroid that triggers the production of collagen. It plays a key role in helping to protect skin from wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. 

Vinanza® Grape

A revolutionary antioxidant-rich extract for firmer skin. It's sourced from the seeds of sauvignon blanc grapes grown in the New Zealand region of Marlborough, which contain extremely high levels of polyphenolic antioxidants.

Manuka honey

A natural humectant with antibacterial properties, this superfood gives dry skin the hydration it needs while helping to calm blemishes. A win-win for combination skin.

Your Perfect Anti-Aging Routine for Combination Skin

Cleanser: Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

A bounty of nourishing oils and botanical ingredients make this cleansing balm an essential in your anti aging skincare routine. While olive and harakake flax oils condition, cleanse, and moisturise, oily areas are cared for thanks to hibiscus bloom, which gently exfoliates.


How to apply: Using warm water, gently massage into skin every morning and evening before rinsing with a soft washcloth. 

Mask: Aura Manuka Honey Mask

A mask that’s as effective as the best anti wrinkle cream. Key to bridging the gap between dry and oily skin, so that combination skin is nourished? New Zealand manuka honey. Known for helping to calm blemishes thanks to its antibacterial properties, it's also a humectant that draws moisture into the skin.


How to apply: Smooth thick layers of this creamy anti-aging mask once or twice a week after cleansing. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Exfoliator: Reincarnation Facial Polish & Exfoliator

It’s important to exfoliate combination skin, as this process helps to clear impurities and prevent clogged pores in oily patches. The key is to find a gentle formulation that won't strip the skin of its valuable natural oil. Enter Reincarnation. It's ultra-gentle on skin thanks to marigold bloom oil, avocado oil and carrot seed extract.


How to apply: Use two or three times a week after cleansing, by gently massaging into skin with warm water. Rinse thoroughly.

Toner: Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner

Toners help carry serums and moisturisers to the skin for maximum effect – so it pays not skimp on your toner. Ananda helps calm skin and balance oil production thanks to artesian spring water and raspberry seed oil.  


How to apply: Spritz generously over your cleansed face, neck and décolletage. You can also use this organic toner throughout the day when skin needs a burst of moisture.

Eye Cream: Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Light on skin but rich in hydration: this might just be the best eye cream for wrinkles. The key bioactive ingredient is kiwi seed oil, with Vitamin C to help rescue damaged tissue.  Scientifically shown to stimulate collagen by up to 82%*, it’s a cooling, soothing answer for those wondering how to get rid of under eye wrinkles.


How to apply: Gently pat this anti wrinkle cream for eyes around the delicate under-eye area and orbital bone, taking care not to rub or drag the skin.

Moisturiser (day): Baptise H2O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel

The best anti aging cream for combination skin soothes blemishes while hydrating parched skin – and this weightless water gel does that in spades. The perfect pairing of manuka honey and plant hyaluronic acid ensures oily skin is soothed while dry patches get the hydration they need. As for how to get rid of wrinkles? The gel is clinically shown to reduce skin dryness by up to 52%†.


How to apply: Generously rub into skin to lock in the benefits of your serum and halt moisture loss.

Moisturiser (night): Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

Wondering how to reduce wrinkles? This high-performing moisturiser is clinically shown to reduce wrinkle depth†† and scientifically shown to stimulate Type I collagen production by up to 92%**. Fine lines meet their match thanks to collagen-boosting avocado oil and Vinanza® Grape. It’s the pinnacle of your combination skin anti aging skincare routine.


How to apply: Generously massage into cleansed skin at night after your serum or oil.

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